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        Trunk Amplifier

        Product Features
        ☞Modularization design,convenient for system upgrade.
        ☞Advanced and scientific design of low noise circuit, high sensitivity
        ☞Compact structure design easy to install
        ☞ATT and ALC functions,output power is adjustable
        ☞Perfect Local and remote network monitoring, has initiative alarm function, and parameters can be inquired and set.
        ☞Supply charging power and backup battery to ensure fault information timely report in time of machine outage, convenient for timely trunktain.
        Trunk Amplifier (TA) can achieve bidirectional amplification of uplink and downlink signal, enhance talking quality, and availably enlarge and fill signal blind area, extend coverage range. It is trunkly used to equalize the signal loss of the trunk cables of Micro-honeycomb Indoor Distribution System and Wireless Connection Indoor Distribution System.
        Our products, covering from Single Type, Master-slave type, Dual-frequency MA, Three-Frequency MA, 350MHz Police network MA. Including common communication 2G frequency(CDMA450, CDMA800, CDMA1900, GSM, EGSM, GSM1800, GSM1900, DCS, PCS, WLAN), 3G frequency(WCDMA, UMTS, CDMA2000), Trunking Communication(TETRA, iDEN, GoTa, GT800, 350Mhz Police Communication), Digital TV Communication(CMMB, DVB-H, T-DMB, S-DMB), Railway Communication System(450MHz Radio Train Dispatch Communication Series, GSM-R Series), Military Communication, FM Broadcast Communication, UHF、VHF Interphone Communication, Marine Communication, Sea Area Coverage Systems, output power can be chose from 0.5W(27dBm) to 20W(43dBm).

        Technical parameters:

        Maximum output powerdBm




        Gain adjustment rangedB


        Noise factordB

        ≤4.0(at maximum gain) 



        Power requirement

        AC220V±20% 4555Hz、DC-48V±20% or solar cell supply

        Local and remote monitoring

        Power, gain, standing wave, input power instruction, output power instruction, temperature instruction, fault alarm, etc.

        Remote monitoring methods

        GPRS or Internet or SMS

        Work temperature(℃)


        Average faultless working time (H)


        Typical Application:

        Applicable to inner of high building, Tunnels, Subway, Subway market, entertainment city, Parking lots and Hotels, Offices building, such close big buildings’ inner, denseness areas and dead angles.

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